This specific privacy policy has been created for . Here, the users’ privacy is governed, who may use it. Information with regards to personal information collected by is provided in the privacy statement and the ways by which makes use of it.

The site, Services and App

For successful achievement of our Mission and for enhancing user experience, we ensure updating our database and content regularly. Our Members (registered users) share identities, exchange professional insights and knowledge, engage within their network, view and post relevant contents, find feedback and recommendations. Unregistered visitors (viewers) can get to know few of our services.

Our services can be termed to be an ENABLER, allowing you to effectively and efficiently shop all your daily groceries and other needs.


A proactive approach is taken by including its owners to user privacy for ensuring taking necessary steps for protecting users’ privacy to enhance their browsing experience. Our website complies with the needs of Indian as well as international data protection.

Personal information collection: Being a User

You realize and agree that by having an account created, your profile is identified by and others and to make use of this information. We are also enabled to serve you with relevant contents and ads off and on

Personal information collection: At the time of Registration

For opening an account with you are to provide us with your name, password, email address and physical address, besides other information with regards to yourself while registering. This information will be used by us for providing you with customized services.

Personal information collection: IP Addresses, Log Files, Information about your Mobile Device & Computer

On visiting or leaving app or site, (as a visitor or member), by viewing 3rd party site plug-in or a hyperlink, the site URL from where you came or have been directed from is received by us automatically. Page URL which is on while clicking the ad displayed on is received by advertisers. Your computer’s IP address or proxy server used for accessing the web, web browser type, operating system details, mobile device (which includes mobile device identified offered by your specific mobile device OS), your mobile OS (in case, accessing using mobile device), ISP name or mobile carrier is received by us. Location data that is passed by 3rd party services or your set up GPS enabled device, is received and used by us for displaying your local information. Real-time location data could be prevented by many mobile devices getting sent to, which will be honored by us. This information would be deleted, in case, you are not interested to be our Member.

Using personal information: Your Personal information may be used by for:

Personalizing site as per your preference

Administering the site

Publishing on the site our relevant information

Enabling your access for making use of site services

Supplying you with your purchased services

Sending you the purchased products

Sending you invoices and statements

Collect your payments

Send notifications and alerts

Send marketing communications

Anti-spamming Policy

At, we hate spam like you do and avoid spamming you with unwanted commercials. Regular alerts and notifications will be sent to you, upon choosing our services, pertaining to vital events taking place in the construction industry, Views and News, Trending, FORUM activities, contents, discussions, etc. Through provided account settings, you can stop notifications, modify or restrict notification type, alerts, frequency, etc.

Sharing and securing your personal information

Reasonable organizational and technical precautions will be taken for preventing, misuse, alteration or loss of personal information. Security safeguards have been created and implemented for enhancing protection of your personal information. Encryption technology is used for protecting electronic transactions related information.

Your personal information is well protected and provided only to third parties, but, (1) where it becomes essential to fulfill your instructions; (2) with your expressed consent; (3) if required by summons, law or legal process; (4) as required for protecting property, rights of, its visitors and members, to the public and the  nation at large; (5)enforcing as required to render functionalities and features to you.

Besides this, all your submitted personal information for website publication is likely to be published on the web, to be made available across the globe.

Intellectual Property

Information and contents that you post on, is owned and managed by you, including how it is to be shared, through account settings. Apart from this:

  • On deleting IP content, it gets deleted much similar to the computer recycle bin being emptied. You agree that removed content could remain back for some time, in backup copes (but not available to others).
  • For intellectual property right contents, such as videos (IP content), photos and articles, you provide us following permission, subjecting to privacy settings; grant us with transferable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable, global license for using any IP content posted in connection with or on (IP License). With the deletion of the IP content or account, the IP License terminates, unless your account is shared with others, with them not having deleted it.

Other websites

Links for other websites is present in this site. does not take any responsibility for any third party’s practices or policies.

Updating the statement

The privacy policy may be updated by by posting on the site a new version. This page is to be visited occasionally for ensuring your being familiar with changes, if any.